Dear students,

In response to the rapid spread of COVID-19 virus, for the safety and health of all students, faculties and staff, American College of Technology (ACT) has moved to an online program. In this online course offering you will:

  • Attend your courses virtually through zoom
  • Have access to our state of the art online learning management system (LMS)
    • Access your course materials (books, slides, etc)
    • Video links
    • Exercises, assignments, projects, grading and online test
    • Other functionalities such as chat room, discussion forum, survey, announcements and etc.

The College will decide the timing for resuming face-to-face classes based on the latest situation of COVID-19 virus and the requirement of the Federal Higher Education. ACT will update students and faculties in a timely manner.

All students, faculties and staff, please stay safe and stay strong. Let’s help each other and work together to overcome the situation during this period!

With all the best wishes,

American College of Technology (ACT)



  • Master of Computer Science
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Online Masters of Business Administration
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting & Finance
  • Master of Arts in Project Management
  • Master of Arts in Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Marketing Management
  • Master of Arts in Accounting & Finance
  • Master of Arts in Human Resource Management